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Sibrand (also Siebrandt, Siebrant, Siebrand, Sibrandt, Sigbrand, Siegbrand, Siegbrandt, shortened to Sibern, Sibbern, Sibo) is a Low German or Frisian name current in Northern Germany (Frisia, Pommerania). It is from an earlier *Sigibrant, composed of the elements sig "victory" and brand "sword". It is also attested as a surname from the 16th century.

People called Sibrand:

Given name
  • Master Sibrand (fl. 1190), crusader
  • Sibrand Lubbert (d. 1625), theologian
  • Johann Sibrand (1637–1701)
  • Hermann Sibrand (1645–1712), academic and mayor of Stettin
  • Joachim Heinrich Sibrand (1670–1743), legal scholar

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