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Sibiryak may refer to:

  • Sibiryak, Russian word denoting an inhabitant of Siberia
  • Sybirak, a Polish term for a person exiled to Siberia in Russian Empire or Soviet Union
  • Sibiryak (rural locality), several rural localities in Russia
  • Sibirjak, Novosibirsk-Moscow-Berlin express train
  • Sibiriak (horse), a horse from the Soviet Union that took part in 1964 Summer Olympics
  • Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak, Russian writer
  • FC Sibiryak Bratsk, a Russian football (soccer) club
Sibiryak (rural locality)

Sibiryak is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

  • Sibiryak, Irkutsk Oblast, a settlement in Tulunsky District of Irkutsk Oblast
  • Sibiryak, Krasnoyarsk Krai, a settlement in Uspensky Selsoviet of Rybinsky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai
  • Sibiryak, Bolotninsky District, Novosibirsk Oblast, a settlement in Bolotninsky District, Novosibirsk Oblast
  • Sibiryak, Cherepanovsky District, Novosibirsk Oblast, a settlement in Cherepanovsky District, Novosibirsk Oblast
  • Sibiryak, Tatarsky District, Novosibirsk Oblast, a settlement in Tatarsky District, Novosibirsk Oblast
  • Sibiryak, Tyumen Oblast, a settlement in Priirtyshsky Rural Okrug of Tobolsky District of Tyumen Oblast