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n. Any member of the timaliid bird genus ''Heterophasia''.

Sibia (airline)

"Aircompany "SIBIA" ltd (Общество с ограниченной ответственностью «Авиакомпания «СИБИА», Obçestvo s ograničennoj otvetstvennostjju «Aviakompanija») is a Russian airline specialising in various forms of aerial work including crop-spraying, medical flights and search-and-rescue. It also provided charter passenger services. In 2007 it was taken over by ChelAvia who mainly deal with airline training/teaching and aircraft sales but who also provide aerial work themselves.

Usage examples of "sibia".

Prynn hadn’t left the counselor’s side since they returned from the Reserve, and her first order of business had been to facilitate a subspace message to Sibias back on the station.