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Sia (god)

Sia or Saa, an ancient Egyptian god, was the deification of perception in the Heliopolitan Ennead cosmogony and is probably equivalent to the intellectual energies of the heart of Ptah in the Memphite cosmogeny. He also had a connection with writing and was often shown in anthropomorphic form holding a papyrus scroll. This papyrus was thought to embody intellectual achievements.

It was said that Atum created the two gods Sia and Hu from his blood spilled while cutting his own penis, a possible reference to circumcision.

Sia appeared standing on the Solar barge during its journey through the night in New Kingdom underworld texts and tomb decorations, together with Hu, the "creative utterance," and Heka, the god of magic. These gods were seen as special powers helping the creator, and although Heka had his own cult Sia did not.

Sia (insect)

Sia is a genus of insect in the family Stenopelmatidae, the sole living genus in the subfamily Siinae. It contains the following species:

  • Sia canus (Péringuey, 1916)
  • Sia ferox Giebel, 1861
  • Sia incisa Karny, 1926
  • Sia kuhlgatzi (Karny, 1910)
  • Sia pallidus (Walker, 1869)
  • Sia pinguis (Walker, 1869)

Sia or SIA may refer to:

Usage examples of "sia".

The sound of hoofs broke the hot stillness as Sias drove the team toward the holding.

The wagon shuddered to a stop less than ten cubits from the chicken house smithy, and a black-faced Sias set the brake, then clambered down.

After the two shoveled the rough chunks of coal into a pile, and Sias led the team toward the corral, Nylan stepped toward the forge and looked at the short heap of white-bronze blades.

As he crossed the dusty ground toward the former chicken coop where Sias shoveled more coal into the crude forge, Nylan looked back at the line of crocks that Sylenia and Ayrlyn and a half squad of levies had gathered from around Syskar.

A half-dozen deadly arrowheads later, Nylan set aside the hammer, let Sias bank the forge coals, and walked to the shaded stoop of the dwelling, from where Ayrlyn had waved-presumably to indicate she had something resembling a midday meal.

FUERA, AND Sias sat around the low coals of the fire, a fire ringed with stores used by others, but not in years, if not in centuries, stones so old that the soot was burned deep into their pores and crevices.

After a last gesture like a salute to Tonsar and Sias, he turned the mare toward the lane and the road southward.

Farrell returned to Avicenna after years away, he found his oldest friend Ben living with an unattractive older woman named Sia.

La Yarbeck tentava di produrre una bestia che fosse intelligente ma anche letale, un terrore sul campo di battaglia: feroce, robusta, astuta e intelligente tanto da essere efficace sia nella giungla che in una guerra urbana.

Nondimeno, approfittando della bassa marea potei recuperare buona parte dei cavi tagliati e un poco delle ferramenta, e sia pure a costo di grande fatica, giacché per cercarli dovetti buttarmi in acqua.

A quanto pareva, cercavano di distruggere ogni documentazione del Progetto Francis, sia quelle conservate negli archivi dei Banodyne sia quelle nella mente degli scienziati che avevano partecipato alla ricerca.

Lasciami pensare, Gallagher è a New York, da qualche parte, e convive con un regista di Broadway, credo che sia Ollie Boon, sì, Ollie.

E giusto perché tu ne sia informato, Jeremy, la cosa mi coinvolge emotivamente perché amo i quadri, e non riesco a sopportare l'idea di aspettare due anni, se vuoi saperlo.

So solo che ti amo e non ho mai frequentato nessuno che, tranne la mia famiglia a New York, abbia amato e a cui mi sia affidato così tanto.

Sias added the brackish water to the quench barrel and then used a wooden scoop to add the brownish black coal to the forge coals.