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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Si \Si\ [It.] (Mus.) A syllable applied, in solmization, to the note B; more recently, to the seventh tone of any major diatonic scale. It was added to Guido's scale by Le Maire about the end of the 17th century.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"yes" in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese; from Latin sic "so" (see sic).


alt. (context music English) A syllable used in solfège to represent the seventh note of a major scale. n. (context music English) A syllable used in solfège to represent the seventh note of a major scale.


(pronounced , or ) is traditional spherical dessert made by glutinous rice, eaten for celebration for the Winter Solstice festival in Fuzhou, China. It is usually without stuffing. The sì making is to powder glutinous rice, and press the powder until almost dry, and then roll the dry powder into spherical shape, and finally add fried (even burnt) soybean powder mixed with brown sugar onto the glutinous sphere.

The pronunciation of ???? is the same as 時 (time, fortune) in Hoochew Chinese, and as a result, Fuzhou people believe that eating sì may result in good fortune.

Sí (album)

("Yes") is the third album by the Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas. She co-produced the album with Cachorro López and Coti Sorokin. After the success of this album, it was re-released in 2005 including 9 new tracks and a DVD. The album won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Rock Solo Vocal Album and received a nomination for Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album. Worldwide, the album has sold 3.5 million copies.

Sì (song)

"" ( English: "Yes") is the name of the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1974, which finished second behind the Swedish entry " Waterloo" sung by ABBA.

Sí (Peruvian magazine)

is a Peruvian news magazine which was established in 1986. The magazine has its headquarters in Lima. It is published on a weekly basis and features articles on political news. In 1993, its editor Ricardo Uceda was instrumental in exposing the La Cantuta Massacre, an incident in which nine students and one professor from La Cantuta University were executed by army soldiers and buried in a mass grave.

Si (concept)

Si 思 is a concept in Chinese philosophy that is usually translated as "reflection" or "concentration." It refers to a species of attentive, non- rational thought that is directed at a specific subject.

Si (surname)

Si was a Chinese surname during the Xia Dynasty. According to Records of the Grand Historian, the surname of the Xia Dynasty ruler was Si . In general, the Chinese hold Xia founder Yu the Great to be a descendant of Emperor Yao .

Sì (operetta)

is an operetta in three acts composed by Pietro Mascagni to a libretto by Carlo Lombardo with verses by Arturo Franci. The libretto is based on Lombardo's operetta La duchessa del Bal Tabarin and Felix Dörmann's libretto for Majestät Mimi set by Bruno Granichstaedten in 1911. Mascagni's only venture into operetta, it premiered on 13 December 1919 at the Teatro Quirino in Rome. The operetta takes its name from its central character, Sì, an actress at the Folies Bergère, so called because she could never say no. ("Si" is the Italian word for "yes".)

Ši (cuneiform)

The cuneiform sign ši, lim, and sumerogram IGI is a common-use sign of the Amarna letters, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and other cuneiform texts. As the syllabic form it is commonly used for ši, lim/lem, and for sumerograms (capital letter majuscules), it is most commonly used for IGI ( Akkadian language pānu, for English language "face", "presence", and (with prep.) "before". Also, for ši and lim/lem it can be used syllabically for š, i, l, i/e, and m, in the spelling of words.

Si (novel)

Si is a 2014 novel by Filipino writer Bob Ong published in 2014 by Visprint Inc. It is Ong's tenth book. This novel tackles the life and love of Victoria.

''"Maaari bang malaman ang iyong pangalan?"


"Kailan kita masisilayan, Victoria?"

"Sa iyong pagsilang."''

Usage examples of "si".

Sis and old Si and Shep Hodgden and Gimmy Biddle and Charles Fifield was there and father said this will make jest the horse you want for your store and old Si said she aint biger than a rat and father said i gess she is big enuf to carry out all your lodes unless you put down your price, and then they all laffed at Si, and then Si said she was a puller and father said what do you want Josiar one that you have to push, and then they laffed agen and when father called him Josiar i know Si had better look out for when father calls me Henry i know i am in for a liking.

La chambre verte, dans laquelle ma mere mettait mon petit lit pres du sien, je la considerais, dans sa douceur auguste et dans sa saintete familiere, comme le point sur lequel le ciel versait ses rayons avec ses graces, ainsi que cela se voit dans les images de saintete.

Dias, depois que ele saiu, e mantenho esta palavra, apesar dos quarenta anos que traz em cima de si.

But the little princess was unconscious, and at her feet was poor Si, quite dead, still reclining with her head in her hands just as I had left her.

The Colonial had lent Pilasters a million pounds to tide them over the criA DANGEROUS FORTUNE 493 sis, but the money was repayable on demand.

He summoned surveillance reports by SIS on Koslov and the Rezident in Vienna - as recently as the previous year, a long weekend visit by Koslov.

Si, au lieu de vouloir desheriter son fils, il avait voulu desheriter son frere, quelle valeur pouvait-on attribuer a toutes les suppoSitions qui reposaient sur la premiere hypothese?

I wanted to talk to Sien about this fellow Nostradamus that lived in the sixteenth century, and I also wanted to do some research on him.

Better than a family bible, it would have been opened when Quayle had been positively vetted before joining the SIS.

Then, care fully, she continued, because she knew that if Big Sis ters was still going to help Ann, the two of them had to talk.

By the time he had asked a few questions and pondered the symptoms it was time for Annis to gather up Baby Cook and bear him off to theatre for his pyloric steno sis to be corrected.

Three months later the space probe, rechristened Sita, was launched from Phobos, the inner moon of Mars.

This one was based on the Hindu tale of how Rama divorced Sita even though Agni, the sacred fire, had refused to burn her in corroboration of her chastity.

You can make me one of your babas—just like when we were students, si?

My mother beleives in being on time, and besides, she and Sis wanted the motor later.