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shy person

n. someone who shrinks from familiarity with others [syn: shrinking violet]

Usage examples of "shy person".

Giving a speech in front of the room is not a good way for a shy person like me to start off a new school year.

With tears in her eyes and her heart in her wavering voice, she was making a monumental effortmonumental, for a timid, publicity-shy person like Sylvieto prove something to him.

It is notorious that nothing makes a shy person blush so much as any remark, however slight, on his personal appearance.

My brother agreed to marry Saffia himself- he needed a wife, he was rather a shy person, and he knew Saffia.

An essentially shy person, she made a point of forcing herself out of her shell, so music was not her only interest.

He was a vague, shy person, but he confided to her that he had been ordered quiet and he wanted to be where he could collect flowers and he thought the flora of the Carwens delicious.

I did not know that this was a customary greeting given by all Bokononists when meeting a shy person.

I could guess that she had been a shy person, not pretty, uncertain in any kind of sexual relationship, dedicated to her work.

Though he's still a shy person, his experience with the loose women of Paris has given him more confidence.