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The Princes Shuysky (Шуйские) is a Rurikid Princely family of former boyars descending from Grand Duke Dmitry Konstantinovich of Vladimir-Suzdal and Prince Andrey Yaroslavich, brother to Alexander Nevsky. Their name is derived from the town of Shuya, of which they gained ownership in 1403. The family briefly reached the Russian throne in the person of Vasili IV (1606-1610).

Shuysky (disambiguation)

Shuysky was a Rurikid family of former boyars. Notable people from that family include:

  • Dmitry Shuisky (died 1613), Russian boyar
  • Mikhail Skopin-Shuisky (1587–1610), Russian statesman
  • Vasily Shuysky (1552–1612), or Vasily IV of Russia, Tsar

Shuysky (masculine), Shuyskaya (feminine), or Shuyskoye (neuter) may also refer to:

  • Mikhail Shuisky (baritone) (1883–1953), Russian operatic baritone
  • Shuysky District, a district of Ivanovo Oblast, Russia
  • Shuysky (inhabited locality) (Shuyskaya, Shuyskoye), name of several rural localities in Russia
Shuysky (inhabited locality)

Shuysky (; masculine), Shuyskaya (; feminine), or Shuyskoye (; neuter) is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

  • Shuysky (rural locality), a settlement in Prudovsky Selsoviet of Novosilsky District of Oryol Oblast
  • Shuyskoye, Smolensk Oblast, a selo in Shuyskoye Rural Settlement of Vyazemsky District of Smolensk Oblast
  • Shuyskoye, Vologda Oblast, a selo in Sukhonsky Selsoviet of Mezhdurechensky District of Vologda Oblast
  • Shuyskaya, a station in Prionezhsky District of the Republic of Karelia