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vb. (en-third-person singular of: shush)

Usage examples of "shushes".

In any case, there were three or tour of them standing around onstage, and the backdrops with their weighted bottoms to keep them straight weighed hundreds of pounds, and they were dropping toward the stage like huge guillotines, one after the other, from the front to the rear, slicing down through the air with loud shushes, the weighted bottoms crashing onto the stage, the drops continuing to fall, the canvas piling up like starched laundry, finally the metal pipes, as long as the stage was wide and very heavy, i budding down, the ropes whistling through the pulleys under i lie theater roof, the rope ends released from the weight cages over at the catwalk, the ropes pulling completely through and I ailing to the stage like dead brown snakes.

Sand shushes softly, the sky is an unnatural cobalt and the sunlight is thin but hard, even with the ultraviolet filtered out.

Kneeling by him, she hears something, shushes Willy and the dog with a wave of her hand.