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n. (plural of shuriken English)

Usage examples of "shurikens".

Vancha dropped back and kept them at bay with his shurikens — sharp, multi-edged throwing stars which were lethal when thrown by one as experienced as Vancha March.

Then all four of us gathered around it, Vancha grasping several shurikens, Mr Crepsley his knives, Harkat his axe, and me my sword.

Vancha laughed, then checked that we were all prepared, pulled his belts of shurikens tight around his chest, and led us forward in search of the vampaneze lair.

Vancha said, drawing a handful of shurikens and squinting up at the platform.

Vancha saw the serious expression in my eyes and put his shurikens away.

Immediately the pair to his right turned back into defensive positions, shurikens in their hands.

Warily the running samurai slowed, darted left and right, feinted, then attacked, the shurikens finding targets but not wounding badly enough and another hand-to-hand began, six samurai against the two of them.