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n. (plural of shunt English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: shunt)

Usage examples of "shunts".

The overflow shunts will direct the water straight down through the Bottleneck into the deepest storm drains and the Astor Tunnels, which in turn drain into the West Side Laterals and finally into the Hudson.

Entran functions and shunts are one thing, serving need is entirely different.

They had said the swings were going to be quick ones in the early stages of the journey, in and out of the past or the future in just a couple of minutes during the first few shunts, zip zip zip zip.

The shunts were coming much more easily now, causing little or no sense of transition as he shuttled between past and future.

The early shunts had moved him no more than a few inches from his Time Zero position on the shunt platform, but by now the jumps were getting big enough to carry him a fair distance.

None of his previous shunts had shown him anything remotely as strange as this.

Unless he had lost count of the shunts, he was at the plus-500-billion-minute level now.

He understands her point that there is some risk with every shunt and that the more shunts they make, the greater is the number of times they place themselves in jeopardy.