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n. A brief glance.


n. a quick look around (originally military slang); "take a shufti while you're out there"

Usage examples of "shufti".

There was no fun in having a go at Shufti, but Wazzer, now, Wazzer was always worth a shout.

Polly, who was exactly the kind of person who looks around surreptitiously at times like these, saw that Shufti was singing it word-perfectly and Strappi actually did have tears in his eyes.

Besides, the moment you looked at Shufti with the idea that maybe he was a girl, you saw that he was.

Because of some bloody stupid song, Shufti was wandering off into a war to look for the father of her child, and that was a desperate errand for a girl even in peacetime.

As she was musing that Shufti would have very much liked to get her hands on one or two of those boxes, a bundle of clothes hanging from the ceiling of the rocking cart moved slightly and a face appeared.

She collided with Shufti outside, tripped over the groaning form of Garry, saw Sergeant Jackrum holding the tent flap open, and bulleted into the night.

Tonker had that look she got before she exploded, and even Shufti was fidgeting.

Shufti asked Polly and Tonker to go with her, and they were ushered into a room where a couple of guards stood on either side of a sheepish young man called Johnny who had fair hair and blue eyes and a gold earring and his trousers round his knees in case Shufti wanted to check his other distinguishing feature.

And Shufti, although Polly was the only one in The Duchess who still called her that and knew why, was watching them, holding Jack.

Can you have a quick shufti round, see the doors are locked, and bring the staff?

It was after all fairly standard Service practice to have a shufti at anything that came your way.

A quick shufti through this lot and a heap of correspondence told Ethel that Mr.