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a. Inclined to shriek, or characterised by shrieks.

Usage examples of "shrieky".

Cyclone fence, elbowing a small cluster of shrieky girls, were Stacia and Rosalie Pysyk, wearing plaid woolen uniforms identical to my own.

There were a lot of giggles and not a few bursts of nervous, shrieky laughter.

Nero had reached a particularly shrieky section of his sonata, and the children had to lean forward to one another in order to continue their conversation.

Then she started laughing, high, shrieky laughter that spiraled up and up until she lay still, gasping for breath.

Combine all this with about three minutes of sleep each night, and the fact that prom hysteria is at its shrieky peak, and you'll understand why I'm feeling psycho and not at all ready to run in the qualifying time trials for the state sectionals this afternoon.