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Shou may refer to:

  • Robin Shou (b. 1960), a Chinese American actor
  • The Chinese character shou (寿/壽) that means "longevity"
  • Shou County, a county in China
  • Shō, a Japanese instrument
  • Shō, a traditional Japanese unit of volume equal to 1.8L
  • Shou.TV, a live video streaming platform for mobile games,
Shou (character)

Shòu is the Chinese word/character for "longevity".

Usage examples of "shou".

The smoke columns now formed a wide gray ribbon that stretched from the hilltop all the way to Shou Kuan.

Still, Batu found it disturbing that any of his men fell, for he did not know a single Shou horseman who could boast of hitting such a distant target from a galloping mount.

The Shou archers, who had been drawing swords and preparing to meet the charge, were not prepared for the attack.

After every volley, a few Shou survivors threw down their weapons and turned to flee.

If Kwan could not see that the enemy was as well disciplined as any Shou army, he was not fit for his position.

The old man pointed to where the enemy horsewarriors had stopped and traded arrows with the Shou archers.

Although most Shou prided themselves on lack of prejudice, they made no secret of the fact that they considered all other cultures inferior to their own.

If someone has trained them, given them focus, Shou Lung is in much greater danger than it has ever been in before.

From their mounted positions, the barbarians had little trouble beating down, or splintering entirely, the wooden shields of the Shou infantry.

Others seemed bewildered and met quick deaths as they were overwhelmed by suddenly superior Shou numbers.

The enemy riders went to extra lengths to attack the Shou bowmen, even at the peril of their own lives.

The Shou infantry stayed on the line, breaking formation only to help the wounded and gather barbarian survivors into groups of prisoners.

Within seconds, the Shou lines had become a jumble as retiring units ran headlong into each other.

As he approached the bottom of the hill, Batu saw a mass of Shou infantrymen gathered in the marsh.

Fifteen thousand Shou infantrymen rushed over the crest, screaming at the tops of their lungs.