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Shor may refer to:

  • Shor (film), 1971 Hindi movie
  • Shor people, an indigenous ethnic group of southern Siberia
  • Shor language, one of the Turkic languages
  • Shor's algorithm, quantum algorithm for factoring a number N in O((log N)3) time and O(log N) space

Shor is a Jewish surname, notricon ( acronym) shokhet u rav - "ritual slaughterer" and "rabbi" and may refer to:

  • Dan Shor, veteran actor, director, writer and teacher with a career spanning 28 years
  • Ira Shor, composition and rhetoric professor
  • Joseph ben Isaac Bekhor Shor (12th century), French rabbi, Talmudic scholar and poet
  • Naum Z. Shor (1937-2006), Ukrainian mathematician
  • Peter Shor (b. 1959), American theoretical computer scientist
  • Sol Shor, American screenwriter
  • Toots Shor (1903-1977), proprietor of Toots Shor's Restaurant
Shor (film)

Shor (meaning "Noise") is a 1972 Indian Hindi movie written, produced and directed by Manoj Kumar, who also plays the lead role in the film.

Usage examples of "shor".

Corbie Meese, Shor Gormalin, Will Hawk, Orwin Shank, and dozens of other full clansmen were gathered around the vast sandstone hearth.

There was little choice here: Raif loved his brother and respected Shor Gormalin too much to hold out against them.

Raina Blackhail and the small swordsman Shor Gormalin, who stood at her back.

Raif had gone with Shor Gormalin and others to Clan Gnash, to learn what they could from the Gnash chief, who shared borders with Blackhail and Dhoone.

Raif stood upon rocked beneath him as Shor Gor-malin stepped forward to speak.

After a long moment, Shor Gormalin hooked his great elk cloak across his chest and walked from the room.

Are you as fine a shot as Shor Gormalin and your da would have me believe?

It was only a few months past when Shor Gormalin had presented such a token to her.

Malt, and Shor Gormali Gutbreaker with its crossed swords burned into the wood.

And that you aided Clan Bludd in the attack upon Dagro Blackhail in the Badlands, and the assassination of Shor Gormalin in the Wedge.

He felt like a child carrying a grown-up sword, and found he could not remember a single form Shor Gormalin had taught him.

Drey and his fellow yearmen had spent hours every day on the practice court drilling with master swordsman Shor Gor-malin, Raif had practiced only for the bare minimum.

Drey and his fellow yearmen had spent hours every day on the practice court drilling with master swordsman Shor Gormalin, Raif had practiced only for the bare minimum.

Commander Shor Nun was there with his archeologist and anthropologistand a half score men of this planet.

And Shor Nun, commander, executive, atomic engineer, would learn the secrets that their power plants must hold.