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vb. (context obsolete English) (en-simple past of: shape)


Shope can refer to

  • Chopi people, an ethnic group of Mozambique
  • Shope papilloma virus, a virus that causes cancer in rabbits
  • USS Samaritan (AH-10), a ship also known as SS Shope


  • Richard Shope (1901–66), an American virologist
  • Robert Shope (1929–2004), an American virologist
  • Simeon P. Shope (1837–1920), an American politician
  • T. J. Shope (born 1985), an American politician

Usage examples of "shope".

Mac Beckett, Jo Bourne, Rob Carr, Leigh Cooper, Lisa Dillon, Walter Hawn, Nurmi Husa, Susan Leigh, Rosina Lippi, Susan Martin, Sandra Parshall, Susan Lynn Peterson, Stephen Ratterman, Beth Shope, Elise Skidmore, Jack Turley, Arnold Wagner, Karen Watson, and Michael Lee West.