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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Soon there would be the little clutch of spectators, the curious children shooed away by the adults, the Press photographers.
▪ Just this week, the City Council decided to use the police like a big swinging tail to shoo away insects.
▪ A greyhound cocked his leg against the table and was promptly shooed away.
▪ In the United States, volunteers are shooed away from spill cleanup, deemed too toxic for unprotected citizens.
▪ Instead of spending money in town, soldiers now dig foxholes along lakes in parks and shoo away camera-toting visitors.
▪ He notes that his lawyers regularly shoo away concessionaires who use images of the Empire State Building without permission.
▪ First, they were shooed away from the main entrance.
▪ We soothed fevered brows with cool hands and shooed away demons with a look.
▪ He prescribed a painkiller and suggested she keep busy, then he shooed her away and chided her for malingering.
▪ I come outside and shoo Grandpa off the mower again.
▪ Johnny knew that was wrong, and with his stick, he tried to shoo the goats out.
▪ Just this week, the City Council decided to use the police like a big swinging tail to shoo away insects.
▪ She shooed him, and he skipped away, but not without hooting behind his hand.
▪ Soon there would be the little clutch of spectators, the curious children shooed away by the adults, the Press photographers.
▪ These were the days when rock was being shooed out in disgrace, a lumpen confusion of scratched armpits and muddled motives.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Shoo \Shoo\, interj. [Cf. G. scheuchen to scare, drive away.] Begone; away; -- an expression used in frightening away animals, especially fowls.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, "to drive away by calling 'shoo,' " from the exclamation (late 15c.), perhaps instinctive, compare German schu, Italian scioia. Related: Shooed; shooing.


interj. (context informal demeaning English) go away! clear off! vb. 1 (context transitive informal English) To induce someone or something to leave. 2 (context intransitive informal English) To leave under inducement. 3 (context informal rare English) To usher someone.


v. drive away by crying `shoo!' [syn: shoo off, shoo away]

Shōō (Kamakura period)

was a after Kōan and before Einin. This period spanned the years from April 1288 through August 1293. The reigning emperor was .


Shoo or Shōō may refer to:

Shoo (singer)

Yoo Soo-Young (; born 23 October 1981, in Yokohama, Japan), better known as Shoo (from her Japanese name ), is a South Korean singer and actress. She was a member of K-pop girl group S.E.S..

Usage examples of "shoo".

With a shooing gesture he ushered Trager and Breck into the banquet chamber, then asked the Reecians to proceed.

She waved her hands at them, like a child shooing flies from honeyed bread, but she seemed apprehensive when they crossed the room, moving to stand in a shadowy, paneled corner.

Hir shooes were of greene silke, and hir pantofles of gould imbrodered in a leafe woorke.

Cain and Abel were pulling the cords of the punkah, the maharajah-style fan that hung over the dining-room table to shoo away flies and provide a cool breeze.

Serne looked confused, especially when Quan shooed her away from the vicinity, insisting that she was unclean and smelly.

They had shooed away the whittlers and spitters, and turned back people from approaching the front of the bank.

And he threw in two tiny tarte tatin for Hani and Murad, smiling and nodding as he shooed the three of them towards the door.

The officers got out and had a word with him, then Treen shooed the kids away and released Luther from the backseat.

Then Ditherum sickened an varry sooin deed, An he left her as rich as a Jew, An shoo had a big tombstun put ovver his heead, An shoo went into black for him too.

The day following I saw there a great number of persons apparelled in divers colours, having painted faces, mitres on their heads, vestiments coloured like saffron, Surplesses of silke, and on their feet yellow shooes, who attired the goddesse in a robe of Purple, and put her upon my backe.

Bravely, Tim tried to shoo the bees away, but they buzzed queerly and gave no ground.

Kell picked up his towel again and shooed bluewings away from his armor.

Oddling woman pulled Anigel off down the narrow dusty passage, and the huntsman followed after, shooing Kadiya ahead of him as a farmwife herds her togars.

The inevitable farm collie rushed at me in the inevitable way and made all the inevitable noises and threats until a tired-looking woman even more faded than her housedress shushed him and shooed him and then came out, screen door snapping shut behind her, to meet me.

Occasional thoughts of Jamie and Lionel Brown drifted through the back of my mind, but I shooed them away like the leafhoppers and midges who landed on my page, drifting in through the window.