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Shok (film)

Shok is a short drama film written and directed by Oscar nominated director Jamie Donoughue, based on true events during the Kosovo war. Shok's distributor is Ouat Media, and the social media campaign is led by Team Albanians.

It premiered at Aspen Shortsfest winning Best Drama, Audience Special Recognition and the Youth Jury award. It has since won a number of other festivals including Hollyshorts Film Festival and DC Shorts Film Festival.

The movie was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 88th Academy Awards. Shok's distributor is Ouat Media, and the social media campaign is led by Team Albanians.


Shok may refer to:

  • Shok, Afghanistan Battle of Shok Valley
  • Shok (film), Albanian short film
  • Shoks, snack food Hula Hoops
  • Le Shok, American band

Usage examples of "shok".

Nom Anor replied with a sly grin, one that allowed Shok to relax a bit.

Nom Anor explained, and Shok Tinoktin, who had heard the explicit instructions several times already, nodded.

He noted the movements of two others, as well: a golden droid - and he would have to remember to punish Shok Tinoktin for allowing a droid into his complex!

He hustled to his door and pushed out into the hall, arriving just as Shok Tinoktin led the group around a bend in the corridor.

Anor nodded to Shok Tinoktin, and the man moved out of the way, allowing Leia a clear path to Nom Anor.

Anor went to Shok Tinoktin and gently patted the head of the still-excited shlecho newt.

Supremely pleased with himself, the executor headed for his private quarters, Shok Tinoktin moving to follow.

For hours and hours, the executor and Shok Tinoktin had studied the planetary courses and the positioning of the New Republic ship and had launched the missiles from a point where the initial explosive liftoff and subsequent burn would be most difficult to detect.

Anor unbuckled from his uncomfortable chair, Shok did likewise, and the two crouched and crept through the cramped capsule, Nom Anor pausing only to set the decoy in place in the pilot chair, utter a quick prayer to Yun-Harla, the Cloaked Goddess, the Trickster, and kiss one of his pet villips good-bye.

A-wing, which had been modified to hold two pilots, Nom Anor and Shok Tinoktin watched the continuing plumes of the missile exchange between Osarian and Rhommamool.

She was tooan American Body Armor vest with a Super Shok heart platebut at this range a shot could easily do major damage to an unprotected part of their bodies.

His horse shok its bit impatiently and pawed the ground and he stilled it with an oath and a tug at re-i, -.

Ither a very brite flash ov lite or a shok wave & certinly boaf, witch is whot I woz gettin heer.