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Could not find any definition of word "sho'"

Usage examples of "sho'".

De meats, cornbread, biscuits, and cakes what was cooked in dem old skillets was sho' mighty good.

Dey cooked some of de victuals in big old washpots and dere was sho' a plenty for all.

He done passed on, but whilst he lived he was mighty good to evvybody and de colored folks sho' does miss him.

One thing sho' you is got more mouth dan all de rest of my chillun put together.

Up in de northern part of de county they sho' did destroy most all what folks had.

Course dere is gwine to be black sheeps in most flocks, and it is gwine to take patience to git them out, but they will come out, just as sho' as you is born.

I has found dat if you gives to some poor folks, white or black, something a little better than they is used to, they is sho' gwine to think too high of theirselves soon, dats right.

Then de soldiers went straight to de place where de valuables was hid and dug them out and took them, it sho' set old marster down.