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SHL may refer to:

  • The x86 command for shift left
  • Schmidt hammer lassen, an architecture firm
  • Shillong Airport, IATA code SHL
  • Southern Hockey League (disambiguation)
  • SHL, a Polish motorcycle brand from 1938 to 1970
  • Supreme Hockey League , an ice hockey league
  • Swedish Hockey League , the highest league in Swedish ice hockey
  • Swiss Handball League , the two highest league in Swiss handball
SHL (motorcycle)

SHL is a brand of Polish motorcycles, produced from 1938 until 1970 by Huta Ludwików, later KZWM Polmo-SHL in Kielce (small parties were made in the WFM in Warsaw).

Usage examples of "shl".

The hearts of young men went hot for a gallant moment and were chilled in the succeeding one, for they had all heard of Aillen out of Shl Finnachy in the north.