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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a razor," 1915, variant of chive, thieves' cant word for "knife" (1670s), of unknown origin.


n. 1 A knife, especially a makeshift one fashioned from something not normally used as a weapon (like a plastic spoon or a toothbrush). 2 A particular woody by-product of processing flax or hemp. 3 (context computing English) A shim, i.e. a small library that transparently intercepts and modifies calls to an API, usually for compatibility purposes. vb. 1 To stab someone with a shiv. 2 (context by extension English) To stab someone with anything not normally used as a stabbing weapon.


n. a knife used as a weapon

Shiv (weapon)

Shiv (possibly from the Romani word chivomengro, "knife"), also chiv, is a slang term for any sharp or pointed implement used as a knife-like weapon. The Oxford English Dictionary suggests shive, a razor, documented in 1915, as the root word. In the 1920s, "shiv" was also a common slang term for a bladed weapon, mostly a knife. In the United States, an improvised prison knife is also often called a shank.


The word Shiv or shiv may refer to:

  • Shiv (weapon), a type of sharp weapon
  • HTML5 Shiv, a JavaScript workaround
  • Shiva, a Hindu deity
  • A fictional location in Magic: The Gathering, see Dominaria
  • Shiv, a villain in the animated series Static Shock
  • Shiv, the woody waste material from flax, hemp, and linseed plants
  • Simian human immunodeficiency virus
  • Shivnarine Chanderpaul, West Indies cricketer
  • A shortened form of the name Siobhan
  • Local marathi name for Sion, Mumbai

Usage examples of "shiv".

He made his own, out of whatever he could find, or take, or steal, parts of cars and rescued bits of machinery, which he turned into hooks and shivs, crossbows and arbalests, small mangonels and trebuchets for breaking walls, cudgels, glaives and knob-kerries.

Shiv and then Usara in slowly quartering the cave as Parrail read out brief and often unflattering descriptions of the people they sought.

Larissa looked from Planir to Shiv, a faint question in her face as the two other mages shared a conspiratorial look.

All Geris had been doing was sniffing out ancient lore for Planir, with Shiv and Darni along to keep him out of trouble.

A ragged, unwashed serpent cultist fell upon the dying man and drove a shiv into the back of his neck, severing the spinal cord with an audible crunch, finishing the job.

Tonight is the first night of Diwali, the Festival of Light, and Fenner walks through a tumult of carhorns and jangling bangra music, of beggars, zealots and Shiv Sena thugs.

Oscar -- at which point he would reach out and grab any pills, powders, shivs or other evidence he was handed, then sprint like a human bazooka for the nearest exit.

I gripped my goblet and cursed myself for forgetting that the Archmage could well have Shiv trawling for different fish than the rest of us.

The trick is making sure Shiv himself comes out ahead when all the runes are drawn, whatever game the Archmage is playing.

Shiv wasted no breath on curses, but green light glittered in his fingers as a long arm of sparkling water snatched the enchanter and held him down in the basin.

Shiv led me through an archway of ancient stonework and across a flagstoned court where my sandals scuffed uneasily on the hollowed stones.

Shiv pushed his chair back with a scrape on the flagstones and picked his way past the mess of broken eggs and greens to fetch the wine.

Shiv nodded to Usara and the great serpent vanished, leaving only a few swimmers struggling among the flotsam of the ebbing tide.

The addict from New Bedford picked up the aminating needle a couple weeks after that anyway and was discovered by a night staffer simultaneously playing air-guitar and polishing the lids of all the donated canned goods in the House pantry way after lights out, stark naked and sheened with meth-sweat, and after the formality of a Urine she was given the old administrative boot over a quarter of incoming Ennet House residents get discharged for a dirty Urine within their first thirty days, and it's the same at all other Boston halfway houses and the girl ended up back in New Bedford, and then within like three hours of hitting the streets got picked up by New Bedford's Finest on an old default warrant and sent to Framingham Women's for a 1-to-2 bit, and got found one morning in her bunk with a kitchen-rigged shiv protruding from her privates and another in her neck and a thoroughly eliminated personal map, and Gately's individual counselor Gene M.

You and Shiv, take the boat, take ’Sar and as many troops as Arest can spare you.