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n. (plural of shirt English)

Usage examples of "shirts".

Seattle Seadogs merchandise, including caps and shirts, and all with a great pirate-hound logo.

Rejected by several other casinos -- paranoid visions of a deadly blacklisting nibbling at the edges of his mind -- he was finally taken on at the Sand Dollar Saloon, a tacky grind joint for low-rolling tourists where the dealers dressed in fringed satin shirts, knotted bandannas, and ten-gallon hats.

She stepped over, stepped around, shoved aside, and reached the booth at the same time a pair of college boys in track shirts leaped into the chairs.

Trendy shirts, airboots, gel sandals, plenty of jeans, lots of styling pants.

Tackling hands were on her hips in an instant and over she went into the closet beneath a soft cascading of suits and shirts, a clattering of loose hangers.

A trio of beefy Australians, sunburnt, drunk, in matching ten-gallon hats and powder blue western shirts, approached Amanda and asked her to dance.

Everything had been styled after an ancient musical, which meant the men wore shirts made of tablecloths from Italian restaurants and every other vidiot packed a six-gun with a low-grade laser triggered by revolver blanks.

But the woman was naked underneath the many layers of shirts and dresses except for tall boots and a padded belt around her fiat stomach to simulate pregnancy.

Then she noticed they were wearing crisp blue shirts and carrying AK-47 assault rifles.

But he was also noticing other sec men dressed in brown shirts staying near the blue shirts.

Ryan fervently wished that the sleeping blue shirts upstairs would awaken and give him something tangible to beat to death with his bare hands.

There was no sign of the blue shirts, but that would change at any moment.

The truck was gone, and a squad of sec men in blue shirts was going from hut to hut, kicking open doors and checking the occupants at blasterpoint.

She might escape alone, but then the blue shirts would have Tabitha as a hostage again, and Daffer would be killed on the spot.

A platoon of blue shirts was running toward her, armed with longblasters, wheelguns and grens.