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interj. (alternative spelling of shh English)

Shhh (Chumbawamba album)

Shhh is the fifth studio album by the band Chumbawamba. It was originally recorded and written as Jesus H. Christ, an album that relied heavily on samples. A number of the musicians whose material had been sampled objected, and the album was largely re-worked to defend artistic intent and criticise censorship. The album sleeve artwork itself incorporated various rejection letters received by the band denying the rights to the Christ samples.

It was later released with Slap! in the compilation Shhhlap! in 2003, released by MUTT Records.

Shhh (film)

Shhh is a 1975 American comedy film directed by Paul B. Price. The film stars Rita Moreno and Robert Sacchi. The film was released in the United States on October 10, 1975, by United Artists.

Usage examples of "shhh".

He held one dirty finger pressed over his lips in a shhh gesture as they closed the distance from seventy feet to fifty to thirty.