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Shevtsov (feminine: Shevtsova) is a Russian-language surname derived from the Ukrainian term shvets for " cobbler/ shoemaker", literally meaning "child of cobbler".

During the Soviet times, Russian names and surnames in international passports were transliterated using French-language system, and these surnames were spelled as Chevtsov/Chevtsova.

The surname may refer to:

  • Andrei Shevtsov (born 1961), Russian footballer
  • Lilia Shevtsova, Ukrainian Kremlinology expert
  • Lyubov Shevtsova (1924–1943), Soviet partisan
  • Lyudmila Shevtsova (born 1934), Russian athlete
  • Makar Shevtsov (born 1980), Russian football player
  • Oleg Shevtsov (born 1971), Russian ice hockey player
  • Tatiana Shevtsova (born 1969), Russian politician
  • Vasily Shevtsov, Russian actor
  • Yuri Shevtsov (born 1959), Belarusian handball player