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Sheed (disambiguation)

Sheed may refer to:

  • Dom Sheed (born 1995), Australian rules footballer
  • Frank Sheed (1897–1981), Australian Catholic apologist
  • Jordan Sheed (born 1982), New Zealand cricketer
  • Wilfrid Sheed (1930–2011), English-born American novelist
  • Sheed, nickname for the American basketball player Rasheed Wallace
  • Sheed, a word in Potteries dialect

Usage examples of "sheed".

Of course, Sheed the Weather Prophet and Polivinosel and the Allegory ignored them, and so were denounced as false gods.

He announced, through Sheed, that these pillars of the community were just dummy-prophets, fakes.

Brew had not yet reached its full potency, when Durham had just revealed himself, through the prophet Sheed, as Mahrud.

First they would march on Traybell University, where Sheed lived in the Meteorological Building.

Friends, citizens, Americans, if this Mahrud is indeed a god, as Sheed, another mad scientist claims, let him strike me with lightning!

These received the petitions of the populace, sorted them out, and passed on those that needed attention to prophets like the Forecaster Sheed, who screened them.