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Sheba (; Ge'ez: ሳባ, Saba, , Sabaʾ, South Arabian , , Šəḇā) was a kingdom mentioned in the Hebrew Bible ( Old Testament) and the Quran. Sheba features in Ethiopian, Hebrew and Qur'anic traditions. Among other things it was the home of the biblical " Queen of Sheba" (named Makeda in Ethiopian tradition and Bilqīs in Arabic tradition).

The view that the biblical kingdom of Sheba was the ancient civilization of Saba in South Arabia is controversial. Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman write that "the Sabaean kingdom began to flourish only from the eighth century BCE onward" and that the story of Solomon and Sheba is "an anachronistic seventh-century set piece meant to legitimize the participation of Judah in the lucrative Arabian trade."The British Museum states that there is no archaeological evidence for such a queen but that the kingdom described as hers was Saba, "the oldest and most important of the South Arabian kingdoms" Kenneth Kitchen dates the kingdom to between 1200 BCE until 275 CE with its capital, Ma'rib. The Kingdom fell after a long but sporadic civil war between several Yemenite dynasties claiming kingship, resulting in the rise of the late Himyarite Kingdom.

Sheba (disambiguation)

Sheba is a southern kingdom mentioned in the Jewish scriptures and the Qur'an.

Sheba may also refer to:

  • Sheba (person), a biblical character
  • Sheba, 34th sura of the Qur'an
  • Sheba (film), a 1921 silent film
  • "Sheba" (song), a 1980 song by Mike Oldfield
  • Sheba (cat food), a brand of cat food
  • Sheba (Golden Sun character)
  • Lieutenant Sheba, a character from Battlestar Galactica
  • 1196 Sheba, an asteroid
  • Sheba Medical Center, a hospital in Ramat Gan, Israel
  • HMS Sheba, a former Royal Navy base in Aden, Yemen
  • Sheba Palace, Aden, Yemen
  • Queen of Sheba's Palace, Axum, Ethiopia
  • Queen of Sheba's Palace (Sumharam), near Salalah, Oman
  • Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean (SHEBA), an acronym for a National Science Foundation-funded research project
  • شيبة, sometimes spelled shiba, sheeba or chiba is the Moroccan Arabic word for the plant Artemisia arborescens used in the Maghrebi mint tea.
Sheba (cat food)

Sheba is a brand of canned cat food produced by Mars, Incorporated.

In January 2011, Mars Petcare US announced that Sheba would be discontinued and thus will no longer be available for purchase in the United States. A special webpage explained that the decision was based on economic factors:

As of July 2012, Sheba is again available in the United States. However, it now comes in pull-tab cans as opposed to the former plastic trays.


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Sheba (Bible)
Sheba (song)

"Sheba" is a single by musician Mike Oldfield, released in 1980. It is from the album QE2. In many countries the Shadows cover, " Wonderful Land", was the A-side, while the B-side was "Sheba".

Vocals on "Sheba" were performed by Maggie Reilly, and drum parts were played by Phil Collins; Oldfield plays all other instruments. The lyrics to "Sheba" are simply vocalisations set to the backing track.

"Wonderful Land" is an instrumental, and is a cover, originally released as a single by The Shadows in 1962.

Sheba (film)

Sheba is a 1919 British silent drama film directed by Cecil M. Hepworth and starring Alma Taylor, Gerald Ames and James Carew. The film is notable for an early appearance of Ronald Colman in a small part.

Usage examples of "sheba".

Queen of Sheba, Such serious questions bringing, That merry rascal Solomon Would show a sober face: -- And then again Pavlova To set our spirits singing, The snowy-swan bacchante All glamour, glee and grace.

Coedric was disgruntled as well, having been forced to put aside his coelacanth helm, and don the lavender livery of the imaginary nation of Sheba.

Great Danes, Sheba and Maverick, greeted them ebulliently as they clambered on board, though Peta knew that the animals would not be so friendly were their master not in the group.

Ezbaal shunned settled life, he had good relations with most of the great desert families and shared water rights in so many wells that it was said he could travel from Elam to Egypt, from Sheba to Hurria, without having to fight for water or go thirsty for a day.

The ores of the mines in this district somewhat resemble those of the Sheba mine in Humboldt.

Sheba Hurst, the discoverer of the mines, with his friends corralled all the best leads and all the land and timber they desired before making public their whereabouts.

But Sheba had always been a very emotional person, quick to anger, not spending a lot of time in thought, but choosing action, just as her father had.

The matter is not so: but a man of mount Ephraim, Sheba the son of Bichri by name, hath lifted up his hand against the king, even against David: deliver him only, and I will depart from the city.

Sheba had her child by Solomon, and although she had two other children, the son of Solomon would ascend the throne and be known as Prester John.

The rhythm of the three green horsemen that was to have been the prelude to the Queen of Sheba began rollicking through his head.