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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Shay \Shay\, n. A chaise. [Prov. Eng. & Local, U.S.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1717, back-formation from chaise (q.v.), wrangled into English and mistaken for a plural.


n. A chaise.


n. a carriage consisting of two wheels and calash top; drawn by a single horse [syn: chaise]

Usage examples of "shay".

Shay found that Jane Ann Strock was only a year old when she followed her sisters two days later.

Shay had gone to the livery to pack up a few things while Tom stayed to lay out the modified store before Ab Trussel came by on Thursday to put up the wall.

CT-LP has denied me my sole remaining goal of defeating Chris Shays, I have moved from being completely uninterested in drug legalization to being virulently, passionately opposed to it.

A lot of nurses start out with the dream Maureen Shay started out witb.

Maureen Shay and other nurses even argue that nursing is concerned only with the psychosocial aspects of patient care and is not medicine at all.

And even if Shay still hated her, there was always Peris and all their old friends, waiting across the river for her with their big eyes and wonderful smiles.

Tally would be pretty right now, high up in a party tower with Peris and Shay and a bunch of new friends at this very moment.

Biting her lip to keep from crying, Ula put more wood on the fire so Shay would be comfortable.

The flames did not touch Ula, but she screamed with horror seeing Shay engulfed by the blaze.

Then with a roar that shook the ground, he blew out his volatile breath and the pines surrounding Ula, Shay, and Bran burst into an inferno.

In addition to Gillian Hazeltine, Worts created two other characters who proved to be equal reader favorites: Singapore Sammie Shay and Peter the Brazen.

Tom telling Shay that they had a chain of command, a checklist, a routine to follow and it was wise if they were left to themselves to do it.

Shay Tal continued her harangue with variations, damning all ignorant and brutal men.

Shay Tal and Vry have ceased working the boilery, so in future they will have nothing to eat.

Shays were pumping gas somewhere, I wouldn't feel compelled to run radio ads denouncing him for his political views.