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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sharp-set \Sharp"-set`\, a. Eager in appetite or desire of gratification; affected by keen hunger; ravenous; as, an eagle or a lion sharp-set.

The town is sharp-set on new plays.


a. eager in appetite or desire of gratification; ravenous


adj. extremely hungry; "they were tired and famished for food and sleep"; "a ravenous boy"; "the family was starved and ragged"; "fell into the esurient embrance of a predatory enemy" [syn: famished, ravenous, starved, esurient]

Usage examples of "sharp-set".

Going along, then, in this way, the night dark, the squire hungry, the master sharp-set, they saw coming towards them on the road they were travelling a great number of lights which looked exactly like stars in motion.