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n. (context Islam English) traditional Islamic religious law primarily based on the Quran, but also the hadith amd tafsir; it covers the totality of religious, political, social and private life, making no distinction between religion and life – in other words between transgressions of moral rules (sin) and of social rules.

Usage examples of "shari'a".

Yemen is one of the few countries to implement traditional Sunni shari'a law and a limited liability company scam at the same time.

The bright November sunlight was only slightly dimmed by the clouds of dust thrown up by the wheels of vehicles and the hooves of donkeys and camels passing along Shari'a Kamel.

Emerson and the boys went on to the museum, where we were all to meet later, and Nefret and I proceeded to the Shari'a Kamel and the Muski, where many of the establishments carrying European goods are located.

Corporate instruments are strong magic, according to Daddy, and this one is exotic by any standards – a limited company established in Yemen, contorted by the intersection between shari'a and the global legislatosaurus.

She spawns an autonomic thread with full parasympathetic nervous control, tells it to calm her down, then spawns a couple more to go forth and become fuqaha, expert on shari'a law.

Dad picked Yemen on the grounds that they've got this stupid brand of shari'a law – and a crap human rights record – but they're just about conformant to the open legal standards protocol, able to interface to EU norms via a Turkish legislative cut-out.