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Shap is a linear village and civil parish located among fells and isolated dales in Eden district, Cumbria, England. The village lies along the A6 road and the West Coast Main Line, and is near to the M6 motorway. It is situated from Penrith and about from Kendal, in the historic county of Westmorland.

Usage examples of "shap".

It has sometimes in the end of words a sound obscure, and scarcely perceptible, as open, shapen, shotten, thistle, participle, metre, lucre.

And if so be thou wilt do me no grace, Or if my destiny be shapen so That I shall needes have one of them two, So send me him that most desireth me.

Against thee, and thee only have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou might est be justified when thou speak- est, and be clear when thou judgest Behold, I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me.

And over all this, to slay me utterly, Love hath his fiery dart so brenningly* *burningly Y-sticked through my true careful heart, That shapen was my death erst than my shert.

And soothly sure she was full fayre of face,And perfectly well shapt in euery lim,Which she did more augment with modest grace,And comely carriage of her count'nance trim,That all the rest like lesser lamps did dim:Who her admiring as some heauenly wight,Did for their soueraine goddesse her esteeme,And caroling her name both day and night,The fayrest Pastorella her by name did hight.

Whan shapen was al hir conspiracie Fro point to point, how that his lecherie Parfourned sholde been ful subtilly, (As ye shul heere it after openly) Hoom gooth the cherl, that highte Claudius.

Round was the shap, in manere of compas, Ful of degrees the heighte os sixty pas, That whan a man was set on o degree, He lette nat his felawe for to see.

And if so be my destynee be shapen By eterne word to dyen in prisoun, Of oure lynage have som compassioun, That is so lowe ybroght by tirannye.

Ye goon to Caunterbury, God yow speede- The blisful martir quite yow youre meede- And wel I woot, as ye goon by the weye, Ye shapen yow to talen and to pleye, For trewely, confort ne myrthe is noon To ride by the weye doumb as stoon, And therfore wol I maken yow disport, As I seyde erst, and doon yow som confort.

Falow declines to tell Quark anything about the game beyond the fact that he must move his four game pieces through the various levels, or shaps, of the game board.

Next that comes will be the shaps of my twos—I mean the taps of my shoes!