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Shao (; Cantonese Romanisation: Shiu; Gwoyeu Romatzyh: Shaw) is a common Chinese family name. It is the 86th most populous family name in China. It corresponds to last name So in Korean; "Thiệu" or "Thiều" in Vietnamese; and Siu, Chow, or Sho in other Chinese romanisations. The origin of the family name Shao is thought to have come from the royal lines of the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China. The King's loyal subject Duke of Shao (召公), was thought to have originated the Shao lines. The name is concentrated in southeastern and southern areas of China.

Usage examples of "shao".

I want to know how they met, where, the place, anything that I can ask Shao to duplicate to prove they are indeed husband and wife.

And I said no: they send only Shao, and I know she will not lie to the lao-pan.

Of all the family holograms this was Hannah's favorite, and she consulted it whenever she had problems in her personal life, for Grandfather Wen Shao could be trusted never to mouth platitudes, but to offer advice from the depth of his own considerable experience.

Wen Shao laughed, then leaned forward, tugging at the air by his left foot as if he were plucking a blade of grass.

The High Minister had even lent Batu the Mirror of Shao, a huge looking glass that allowed men to communicate over great distances.

He also entrusted the Mirror of Shao, along with the wagon required to carry the Ministry of Magic's bulky artifact, to his father-in-law.

The glass began to clear and a haze swirled beneath it, making it apparent that the Mirror of Shao was not so much a mirror as a huge bowl with magical gas sealed inside.

Unfortunately, without the Mirror of Shao, he could not contact Batu to ask when the provincial armies would arrive.

Without the Mirror of Shao, the general had to rely on nothing but his best guess to time his attack.

However, with the Mirror of Shao destroyed, coordinating the two maneuvers had become an impossibility.

Here in Batavia we have Shao Yen, who has interests out as far as the Moluccas and up to Penang.

If I go to Shao Yen with your recommendation he will treat me with respect.

Having drunk tea with Shao Yen and eaten little cakes from a multitude of trays, Stephen looked for Jack Aubrey, but found to his disappointment that he had already set off for Anjer to bring the Diane up to Batavia, so that not a moment should be lost.

As Shao Yen had told him, Lin Liang's house was comparatively small and inconspicuous.

I should add that he thinks of moving to Java, a more fruitful field for his talents, and he is very willing to be well-seen by Shao Yen and of course by Raffles.