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Shana may refer to:

  • Shana (given name)
''Includes lists of people named Shana or Shayna
  • Shana (singer)
  • Shana (tribe), a tribe in Kenya
Shana (singer)

Shana (born Shana Petrone, May 8, 1972, Park Ridge, Illinois) was raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is an American singer of Freestyle music, dance music and country music.

Shana released an album in 1989 entitled I Want You on Vision Records, which peaked at No. 165 on the Billboard Top 200. The album yielded two U.S. hit singles in 1990, "I Want You" ( Billboard Hot 100 peak No. 40) and "You Can't Get Away" (Hot 100 peak No. 82).

After her successes with dance music, Shana disappeared from the mainstream music scene. She reappeared as a country music singer under her full given name, and released three singles with Epic Nashville, "Heaven Bound" in 1998 and "This Time" in 1999. "Heaven Bound" was a hit on CMT and reached No. 60 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. Her third single on country radio was "Something Real", also supported by a music video. Despite three singles, Shana's country music album on Epic Nashville was never released. She is still recording country music but is no longer signed to a major record label.

Shana (given name)

Shana is a feminine given name of multiple origins. The pronunciation of the name varies depending upon the context and source.

According to Bruce Lansky, Shana occurs as a familiar diminutive or form of Shannon, a Gaelic name, meaning "small and wise." It relates to the longest river in Ireland, the Shannon, which earned its namesake from Celtic goddess Sionna, who sought the enchanted hazelnuts of wisdom. Legends vary about the creation of the river, but they all recount the drowning of the Sionna, granddaughter of the great sea god Lir, usually at an undersea well. Some derive the denomination of the name Shannon, known by the Irish as Sionnain, from the phrase sean-amhan or "old river." An alternate spelling for Shana is Shanna.

Beyond its Irish roots, Shana is also often used as a nickname for Shoshana, an ancient form of Susannah, and means "lily" or "rose" in Hebrew. The name Shaina, sometimes spelled Shayna or Shana, is of Yiddish origin, and implies "beautiful."

Usage examples of "shana".

I pegged her as Shana Timberlake, in part because no other woman in the bar looked old enough to have had a teenage daughter seventeen years before.

I looked up Shana Timberlake and made a note of her address on Kelley, which, by my calculation, was right around the corner.

I had the dishes clean and piled in a perilous mound in the rack, Shana was emerging from the bathroom, her head wrapped in one towel and her body in another.

She was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Ori Fowler and Shana Timberlake.

A few minutes later an electric generator started running and Craig could hear Peter on the radio talking in rapid Shana which he could not follow.

He spoke English and Sindebele, tog his native Shana, and he and Craig and Sally-Anne held long conversations at night over the camp-fire, trying to arrive at some solution of the tribal enmities that were racking the country.

There was a radio apparatus on the second table, and Timon Nbebi was leaning over the operator's shoulder, speaking into the microphone in low rippling Shana that Craig could not follow, breaking off abruptly to give an order to the black sergeant at the map, who immediately moved one of the coloured markers to a new position.

We will watch both the vehicle carrying the contraband and his Mercedes, and as soon as they come together, we will pounce-" Peter Fungabera emphasized this act of pouncing by slapping his leather, covered swagger-stick into the palm of his hand with a crack likea pistol shot, and Craig found that he was already so keyed up that he started nervously and then grinned sheepishly at Sally' Anne The radio set crackled and the side-band hummed, then a disembodied voice spoke in Shana, and Captain Nbebi acknowledged curtly, and glanced across at Peter.

He showed Craig and Sally-Arme the reports of spontaneous Matabele demonstrations for Tungata's release, which had been swiftly broken up by the police and units of the Third Brigade, and which the Shana editor of the Herald had relegated to the middle pages.

Two troopers slipped in through the front door, and reported to the sergeant in a gabble of Shana that Craig could not follow.

It was o quick for Craig to follow, although he caught the to Shana words "kill" and "hide'.

Timon translated from the Shana for their benefit, and now Craig could see the grey dust of the trucks smoking up above the scrub, and the singing was close and clear.

Long seconds drew out, slow as treacle, and Craig inched forward, knowing that the Shana must be working towards where he had left Sally-Anne.

The Shana ducked under the swinging rifle, and hit Craig in the ribs with his shoulder as he came off his knees.

They rolled and the Shana came out on top, straddling Craig, the knife in his right hand probing with the bright silver point for Craig's throat and face.