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n. (alternative form of shammes English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: shame)


Shames may refer to:

  • Shames Mountain Ski Area
  • The Shames, American rock band of 1960a
  • Shames (surname)
Shames (surname)

The surname Shames may refer to:

  • Edward Shames
  • Stephen Shames

Usage examples of "shames".

I will have vengeance and then I will kill myself and these shames will pass from me.

It shames me that a boy of my own bloodlines could use such tricks on his own grandmother.

He waited, and when Shames returned, he had made a mess of tying the tie.

Callie arrived back at the house simultaneously with Thad Shames, who climbed out of the back of a limo and tossed two briefcases to Juanito.

They had reached the yacht, and Shames led the way aboard, followed by Juanito with the two briefcases.

Thad Shames would have the girl of his dreams, and everybody could get on with the business of living happily ever after.

Traffic was heavy and frustrating, and it took them nearly half an hour to reach the Shames residence.

Thad Shames leave the house and walk through the gardens toward the yacht.

So look well, and make sure that no descendant of ours shames us by doubting the wisdom of their own people.

This is, in a sense, a cleaning of our own house, and the filth that we must scrub out of our blood shames us.

And it shames me even now to say that I indulged myself sinfully, utterly without regard to the Rule of Moderation.