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n. A former currency unit of Iran, worth one twentieth of a qiran.

Shahi (disambiguation)

The Shahi dynasties, also known as Kabul Shahi or Hindu Shahi, ruled one of the Middle kingdoms of India from the 3rd century to the early 9th century.

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Usage examples of "shahi".

Roxanne was three-quarters of the distance across the outer courtyard when Kayan appeared in the open gateway with their nineteen-year-old daughter, Shahi, in his arms.

Taking her scarlet cloak and mittens from a hook in the passageway, Shahi hurried outside to find her mother waiting for her in the entry courtyard.

Of all her children, Shahi had been the one most difficult to understand.

If something was wrong, her daughter would blame her for getting pregnant in the first place, and if it was nothing, Shahi would be piqued for being called from her studies.

Roxanne, the queen had forbidden anyone to allow Shahi to enter the room.

He scowled at her, but when Shahi began to snicker, he handed the sword to Jahan and awkwardly took the squirming bundle.

Holding a baby was an unfamiliar, yet not unpleasant sensation, and despite his annoyance with Shahi, he found himself smiling at the tiny female.

Clouds of smoke drifted from the burning palisade, making it hard for Shahi to breathe.

Alexander and Shahi could make out their mother racing neck and neck with Kayan.

Serene, most Puissant, most High, Noble, Illustrious, Honorable, Wise and Prudent Emperors, Ilkhani, Shahi, Kings, Lords, Princes, Dukes, Earls, Barons and Knights, as also Magistrates, Officers, Justicians and Regents of all good cities and places, whether ecclesiastic or secular, who shall see these patents or hear them read.

In Persia that game is called the War of the Shahi, and the playing sets are works of art, priced beyond the reach of all but a real Shah or someone of equal wealth.

He had other Shahi sets variously fashioned of porcelain and jade and rare woods and pure crystal, and all of those pieces were sculptured as exquisitely as if they had been miniature statues of living monarchs and generals and their men at arms.

A viewer of such pictures would take a battle to be a thing as orderly and trim and methodical as a Game of Squares, or Shahi, played on a flat board in a well-lighted, comfortable room.