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Shae may refer to:

  • Beckah Shae (born 1978), American singer-songwriter
  • Shae (character), a fictional character from George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novel series
  • Shae (given name), a unisex given name
  • Shae (Indonesian singer)
Shae (given name)

Shae is a unisex given name, and may refer to:

  • John Shae Perring (1813-1869), British engineer
  • Shae Bolton (born 1989), Australian netball player
  • Shae D'Lyn (born 1963), American actress
  • Shae Fiol (born 1978), Cuban-American singer-songwriter
  • Shae Invidiata (21st century), Canadian human rights activist
  • Shae Jones (born 1978), American singer-songwriter
  • Shae Lillywhite (born 1985), Australian baseball player
  • Shae Marks (born 1972), American adult model
Shae (Indonesian singer)

Sheryl Gething, better known by her stage name Shae is an Indonesian singer. She was born to an Australian father and Indonesian mother from Riau.

Usage examples of "shae".

When he was gone, Chella gave a snort and Shae wrinkled up her pretty face.

Bending, Shae took her gown by the hem, drew it over her head, and tossed it aside.

Taller than Shae, though not so tall as her mother, she had to kneel before Tyrion could kiss her.

He ought to make plans to get Shae safely out of the city, should the worst seem likely.

Tyrion had wanted no handsome young guardsmen loitering about Shae day after day.

You know of my sweet Shae, you know where she dwells, you know that I visit by night alone.

When Shae returned with the wine, he took one sip and flung the cup away to explode against the side of the house.

Since the mob took her maidenhood she is afraid to leave her chambers, so Shae will be out of sight.

Raised with the best the city had to offer, Fentris Shae had given the girl no more than a few mildly amused glances when she tried slipping her blouse off her shoulders to give him a glimpse of her blessings.

The hilt trick had been something Shae had learned from his older brother, the one Shae had supposedly murdered.

To complete the cycle, copper-skinned Burin Shaeren, looking carved from an uprooted stump, watched both Logain and the visitors, a man ready to move suddenly and violently in the blink of an eye.