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a. run-down, like a shack

Usage examples of "shacky".

Nothing went on here, though, in this shacky walk-up: what went on went on in interchangeable intercontinental hotel rooms, in the private suites of corrupt clubs and thriving-speakeasies, in glazed Arab flats.

It was late afternoon, nearly five, and he had a bit of traffic to contend with, heaviest toward the railroad tracks, along Produce Row, a lane of shacky three-sided booths where farmers brought their produce in season.

Now and then an old wooden bridge arching across the canal to serve one of the shacky little frame houses tucked back in the swamp and skeeter country.

My strongest memory is a succession of little shacky houses with sandy front yards.

Vermont grower, who had a long scraggly beard and a long ponytail, lived with his girl friend in a shacky farmhouse down a back road to East Jesus, a local euphemism for nowhere.