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n. 1 (plural of shackle English) 2 Restraints, (usually metal) often joined by a chain, placed around a prisoner's wrists or ankles to restrict their movement. vb. (en-third-person singular of: shackle)

Shackles (Praise You)

"Shackles (Praise You)" is the debut single by American gospel singer-songwriter duo Mary Mary, released in 1999. It is considered the group's signature song. Stan North of deemed it one of the pioneer songs of urban gospel music. The song was originally recorded and released in December 1999 upon Mary Mary's signing with Columbia Records and was re-released one month later as a promotional single for their upcoming debut album, Thankful. They both feature the same track listing but different album covers, the second using a picture of the duo. Mary Mary later shot a music video for the song.

Shackles (film)

Shackles is a 2005 film directed by Charles Winkler and written by Donald Martin. It stars D.L. Hughley and Jose Pablo Cantillo. The poems featured in the film were written by Jerry Quickley.

Usage examples of "shackles".

One side held, for the moment, only a half-dozen lowlanders chained to the tree trunk running the length of the trench, but more shackles awaited the return of the Sunyd net-haulers.

Who let these foul children come close and fix shackles to their legs?

Their magnetic shackles drew together with a metallic clink, binding their wrists together in front of them.

He only managed to throw one of them off before they activated his shackles, binding his wrists together.

The weight of his body yanked painfully on his wrists, digging the shackles in so deep that blood dripped down his arms.

Jotnar had given Chekron worked under the same principle as the magnetic shackles the slaves wore.

Not meeting his gaze, she turned and walked over to the recycler, tossing the shackles and the collar into the machine.

She clamped a set of shackles around each of the their wrists, her eyes filled with apology as she did so.

Sighing, he gave up struggling with the shackles that bound his wrists behind him.

He shuffled down the hall to the faint clink of the shackles on his legs.

Felt good to have his hands in front of him and the shackles off his ankles.

Sunlight glinted off the thick lynaziam collar at his throat, off the heavy shackles on his wrists.

The Armour cellar, with its soldiers, chains and shackles, seemed to fade from existence.

He felt fluid, smooth as silk, even after picking the locks of his shackles, divesting himself of his chains, and taking out a fully armed escort.

Sometimes animals would break free of their shackles and come crashing down headfirst to the floor fifteen feet below, where other men worked.