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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

exclamation used to urge or request silence, 1847. The gesture of putting a finger to the lips to express silence is attested from Roman times. As a transitive verb from 1887; intransitive from 1925.


interj. (alternative spelling of shh English)


SH, Sh, sH or sh may refer to:

Sh (digraph)

Sh is a digraph of the Latin alphabet, a combination of S and H.

Usage examples of "sh".

Hebrew alphabet, became the repeated sh, or shin, the next-to-last letter, in sheshach.

Shana is eleven shes one of Profet Jansens wives but Im only a unfired vessel.

The shes of the city of Castra Sanguinarius meant no more to the savage ape-man than did the shes of the village of Nyuto, chief of the Bagegos.

By the time I returned with it, she had helped Madam Shing to remove some of the robes that enveloped her, got her positioned comfortably on a sofa, and was massaging her arms and legs.

Madam Shing had seen only the one man, the man who climbed the ladder.

Madam Shing refused to elaborate her story a syllable beyond the bare bones of the facts she had already presented.

When the horses had been harnessed and the two cabs were ready -- one of them was waiting out of sight -- we bundled Madam Shing up again, Lady Sara gave her congratulations and thanks, added a few shillings to compensate her for her ordeal in walking so far in the cold, and assured her we would take action at once.

He was trapped there for several minutes, and while he was waiting Madam Shing flung the door open and leaped out.

He boldly strode back along the side street and met Madam Shing without giving her a glance.

Christmas Eve -- and established a watch on the house Madam Shing had fled to.

On the opposite side was the building where Madam Shing paid an extra shilling a week so she could enjoy a front room.

It was all of twelve feet away, but perhaps Madam Shing had been so startled by what she saw that she got the window wrong.

I had been in the neighbourhood numerous times to call on Madam Shing, but I had never noticed that particular shop.

Madam Shing would have felt that truth was a sacred trust in her relation with me.

He had terrified Madam Shing into calling on me and telling his lie for him -- he knew the ploy had worked, because it got both me and the police there -- and he wanted to make further use of me.