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SGT may refer to

  • Sergeant, a rank in the Armed Forces of a country or a faction of law enforcers
  • Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle
  • Society of Glass Technology

Usage examples of "sgt".

Wilkens of 156 Squadron, Sgt Davie of 158 Squadron and Sgt McGarvey of 214 Squadron survived.

Halifax sorties, 71 bombed, 3 missing, 1 Do217 destroyed by crew of Sgt A.

Prew laid the fifty cents in nickels he had borrowed from Pop Karelsen, Sgt of the Weapons Platoon and intellectual friend of Cpl Mazzioli, and who had taken a liking to him when he found out he knew machineguns, on the blanket and winked at Clark.

If it aint my old friend, compatriot, comrade in arms, and Mess Sergeant, Sgt 264 Stark.

More expensive, but worth it, and we can afford it cant we, Sgt Martin?

Champ Wilson and Liddell Henderson were both there, so was Corp Miller, so was Sgt Lindsay, so were Anderson and Friday Clark, and Prewitt.

Lady could have stood up at full height under his belly without touching him, but she was hunkering down as low as Sgt Henderson would let her.

Sgt Wilson held her front legs grimly while Sgt Henderson tried to KDl elevate her stern.

The Sgt led him down the stairs with the OD behind him and the CQ bringing up the rear.

As he dropped off to sleep he could hear the OD and the Sgt still sitting at the lighted desk talking in low voices.

Certainly Sgt Karelsen will be better than Sgt Galovitch in the long view.

Andy and Friday, Sgt Lindsay, Corp Miller, Pete Karelsen, Malleaux the supply sergeant, Scholar Rhodes, Bull Nair, and a bunch of the new draftees.

Tell Sgt Malleaux I said give you a cot, and set it up in the Headquarters tent.

If it hadnt been for Sgt Stark here and his quick thinking, yours truly might have even got hurt.

They had refueled enroute at Pope Air Force Base and at Fort Bragg, where, by a fortunate coincidence, Colonel Paul Hanrahan and a MI Sgt Wojinski just happened to be at Base Operations, hoping to hitch a ride to Washington.