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SGS may refer to :

  • SGS S.A. (formerly Société Générale de Surveillance), a Swiss company providing inspection, verification, testing and certification services
  • Shadow Government Statistics, a website and economic consulting firm run by economist John Williams
  • Società Generale Semiconduttori - Aquila Tubi E Semiconduttori (SGS-ATES, "Semiconductor General Society - Tubes and Semiconductors Aquila"), later SGS Microelettronica, a former Italian company now merged into STMicroelectronics
  • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands: ISO 3166 trigram
  • South Georgia Survey, four expeditions (1951–1957) led by V. Duncan Carse which mapped the South Georgia Antarctic archipelago
  • Strong generating set, a concept in the group theory of mathematics
  • Sisters of the Good Samaritan
  • Search Guard Successor Foundation, a fictional organization in the Japanese Super Sentai show GoGo Sentai Boukenger
  • Satellite ground station
  • Serbian Genealogical Society
  • Saudi Geological Survey
  • Samsung Galaxy S, an Android smartphone
  • Super Girl Seven the protagonists of Supergirl (Japanese TV series)
  • Śūraṅgama Samādhi Sūtra
  • ISO 639-3 code for the Samogitian dialect