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SGR may refer to:

  • Heart Colchester and Heart Ipswich, radio stations in Suffolk, England both once known as SGR
  • Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate, a concept used by Medicare (United States)
  • Sagittarius (constellation) abbreviation
  • Scary Go Round, a webcomic
  • Scientists for Global Responsibility, a United Kingdom group that promotes the ethical practice and use of science and technology
  • Select Graphic Rendition (ANSI), an ANSI X3.64 escape sequence
  • Service Général du Renseignement et de la Sécurité, the French name of the Belgian General Information and Security Service
  • SGR (band), a ska band from New Jersey, United States
  • Shale Gouge Ratio, a mathematical algorithm aiming to predict the fault rock types for simple fault zones
  • The Shaw Group, a company which formerly used SGR as its ticker symbol
  • Smart Green Resilient (planning concept) abbreviation
  • Societa' di Gestione del Risparmio, an Italian abbreviation for investment management companies
  • Soft gamma repeater, in astronomy
  • Specific growth rate, a biology concept
  • Stargate Resistance, an online, third-person shooter based on the television series Stargate SG-1
  • Substantia gelatinosa of Rolando, a V-shaped or crescentic mass of translucent, gelatinous neuroglia in the spinal chord
  • Sugar Land Regional Airport (SGR) in Texas, United States
  • Sustainable growth rate, a finance concept
SGR (band)

SGR was a ska-core band from Voorhees, New Jersey that formed as a five piece act in 1996, during the United States third wave ska boom. The band's catalog spans four albums (one released on cassette, three others on compact disc), a live recording, and a handful of compilation appearances. The band's last live show took place in June 2007.