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SGA may refer to:

  • Old Irish language (ISO 639-3 code)
  • Schwarz-Gelbe Allianz (Black-Yellow Alliance), an Austrian political party
  • Second-generation antipsychotics
  • Séminaire de Géométrie Algébrique du Bois Marie, an influential mathematical seminar and the series of books it produced.
  • SGA Airlines (Siam General Aviation), a regional airline in Thailand
  • SG%26A, Selling, General and Administrative expenses in income statements
  • Simple Genetic Algorithm
  • Small for gestational age, babies whose birth weight lies below the 10th percentile for that gestational age
  • Society of Graphic Art, a British arts organization founded in 1919
  • Songwriters Guild of America, an organization to help "advance, promote, and benefit" the profession of songwriters
  • Southern Governors' Association
  • Standard Galactic Alphabet, the writing system in the Commander Keen fictional universe
  • Stargate Atlantis, an American-Canadian science fiction television series and a spin-off from the television series Stargate SG-1
  • Student Government Association, a student organization dedicated to social and organizational activities of the student body
  • Substantial gainful activity, a term defined by the U.S. Social Security Administration to describe work that involves physical or mental effort and is ordinarily done for pay
  • Swanson Group Aviation, Formerly Superior Helicopter of Glendale, Oregon, a heavy lift helicopter operator
  • Swedish Game Awards, Sweden's largest video game development competition
  • Synthetic genetic array analysis - a high throughput methodology for studying genetic interactions
  • System Global Area, a shared memory structure that is created by Oracle databases at instance startup
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace, an Android smartphone manufactured by Samsung