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SFX may refer to:

SFX (magazine)

SFX, so called after the common homophonic abbreviation "SFX", standing for " special effects", is a British magazine covering the topics of science fiction and fantasy.

SFX (software)

SFX was the first OpenURL link resolver or link server. It remains the most widely used OpenURL resolver, being used by over 2,400 libraries.

Librarians Herbert van de Sompel, Patrick Hochstenbach and their colleagues at Ghent University in Belgium developed the OpenURL framework from 1998 to 2000. At that time they called it by the working title Special Effects (SFX). As part of the OpenURL development, they implemented the linking server software called SFX server. In early 2000, Ex Libris Group acquired the SFX server software from Ghent University. Ex Libris re-engineered the software and marketed it to libraries as an autonomous component of the OpenURL framework.

Ex Libris continues to develop the software and add enhancements recommended by its customers. SFX is the most widely known OpenURL link server within the library and scholarly publishing community, and occasionally the product name has been used as a generic term for OpenURL link servers.

SFX (Science Fiction Expo)

SFX (Science Fiction Expo) is a convention in Toronto, Canada. The convention began as a featured event of the Canadian National Expo, now known as Fan Expo Canada. SFX was first added in 1999 and the name is a slang acronym, standing loosely for Science Fiction Exposition. It was the second featured event ever added to Fan Expo Canada created by Hobby Star Marketing Incorporated. SFX traditionally runs within the Fan Expo Canada event for all four days (Thursday through Sunday) typically held the weekend before Labour Day during the summer in Toronto, Canada, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

SFX was originally launched as one time event for Fan Expo Canada, but the popularity of the feature has made it a mainstay of the convention. Fan Expo Canada is now one of the largest events of its kind in world, filling the entire South building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with over 91,000 attendees in 2012. SFX as a brand is now retired, and has been completely folded into Fan Expo Canada as of 2012.

Along with panels, seminars, and workshops with industry professionals, SFX often previews science fiction related films and television series. SFX also continues programming into the evening with events like ‘The Masquerade’; a costume contest for the attendees, and various on and off site parties and receptions.

Like most major consumer conventions, SFX features a large floorspace for exhibitors. These include media companies such as movie studios and TV networks, as well as retailers and highly specialized collectibles merchants. SFX also includes a large autograph area, and a professional photographic portrait studio for attendees to get autographs and pictures with their favourite Sci Fi celebrities.