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SFM may refer to:

In entertainment:

  • SFM Holiday Network, a defunct "occasional" U.S. television network
  • "Sing for Me" (Christina Aguilera song), also released by Ginny Blackmore with the title "SFM"

In organizations:

  • SFM Entertainment, a television distribution company
  • Scuderia Ferrari, the racing division of the Ferrari automobile company, formerly known as Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro
  • Seaside FM, a radio station in East Yorkshire, UK
  • Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca, a railway operating on the Spanish island of Majorca
  • Società per le Strade Ferrate Meridionali, an Italian railway company of the 19th century

In places:

  • Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport (IATA code), in Sanford, Maine
  • Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, formerly part of what is now the EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington

In science and technology:

  • Sales force management (likewise Sales drive management), it-method for business; also SFM system (likewise Sales Force Automation)
  • SFMBT1 or "scm-like with four MBT domains 1", a gene
  • Scanning force microscopy or atomic force microscopy, a very high-resolution type of scanning probe microscopy
  • Shoulder-fired missile
  • Source Filmmaker, video capture and editing software
  • Spectral flatness measurement, used in digital audio signal processing
  • Structure from motion, a process used in computer vision
  • Surface feet per minute, a unit of velocity used in machining to identify the machinability ratings of a material
  • Sustainable forest management, the management of forests according to the principles of sustainable development

In other uses:

  • SFM Junak, a brand of Polish motorcycles
  • ŠK Senec, formerly known as ŠK SFM Senec, a Slovak soccer club