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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sey \Sey\, Seyh \Seyh\, obs. imp. sing. & 2d pers. pl. of See.

Sey (surname)

Sey is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Jennifer Sey (born 1969), American writer, producer and former gymnast
  • Omar Sey (born 1941), Gambian politician
  • Seinabo Sey, Swedish pop soul singer

Usage examples of "sey".

Seys and Brewer, 1858, applied aqueous solutions of ferrocyanide of potassium or other salts, which formed an indelible compound with the ferruginous base of writing ink.

With a nervous glance at the tapestry bag, Lind sey grabbed her handbag and the phone book and pushed into the hall, pulling the door to behind her and checking to make sure it had locked.

The calm be fore the hurricane came swirling out of the Gulf, Lind sey decided.

She was quite sure there would be many a shattered heart when the women of New Orleans found out that Lind sey Latham planned to yank Detective Dufour from the ranks of available bachelors.

His voice cracked and broke on the words, and Lind sey tilted her head toward his.

Magalhaens passado seys cientas leguas adelante hazia Malaca, se hallaua en vnas Islas, desde donde se correspondia co Serrano.

Sey, my boy, there are no Colonel Clays, and no arch Madame Picardets!

I sey nat this by wyves that been wyse, But if it be whan they hem mysavyse.