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Sexenio (Mexico)

Sexenio is the popular term for the term limit on the President of Mexico. The president is limited to a single six-year term, and no one who holds the office even on a caretaker basis is permitted to run for or hold the office again. It is one of the country's most important political institutions because it is one of the few significant limitations on executive power in Mexico, which is strong at local, state, and national levels. The sexenio is seen as a reaction to the failed experiment of re-election in Mexico during part of the Porfiriato era (1876–1911). In addition to restricting the presidency, state governors also face this restriction; no one elected as a governor may ever hold the post again even on an interim basis.

The principle of "no reelection" is so entrenched that when the constitution was amended to allow federal legislators to run for immediate reelection, the ban on any sort of presidential reelection remained unchanged.


Sexenio may refer to:

  • Sexenio (Mexico), a term limit on the Mexican presidency and state governments.
  • Sexenio, the six-year period in the history of Bolivia that preceded the 1952 Revolution
  • Sexenio of Morella, the festival held every six years in that town of Castellón Spain.
  • The Democratic Sexennium in Spain