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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sexed \Sexed\, a. Belonging to sex; having sex; distinctively male of female; as, the sexed condition.

  1. having a sex; being male or female v

  2. (en-past of: sex)

  1. adj. having sexual differentiation

  2. characterized by sexuality; "highly sexed"


Usage examples of "sexed".

It seemed that Flach and Weva were the naturally sexed forms, while Nepe and Beman were emulations from neuter stock.

It seems likely, therefore, that the present examples surviving are mere sexed grubs and that the adult Martian paraprimate does not exist in vivo, though its historical existence is attested by the remarkable examples left of their work.

They thought they could get this bunch of rich, foreign doctors so sexed up with the belly-dancing that they'd end up getting some really heavy bread laid on 'em for whoring before they left here.

If I do this, what is left is merely a sexed up fairy story, with no meaning and no explanations.

Sure, the incredibly beautiful girls in these experimental liaisons had got in a bit of a state - what with being so incredibly sexed up at the time.

She seems to have been highly sexed from the beginning, and by the time she reached her teens had had sexual intercourse with her brothers.