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sex partners

n. (sex partner English)

Usage examples of "sex partners".

In selecting our mates and sex partners, don't we go through a dating phase that is in effect a long series of tests by which we accurately assess a prospective partner's parenting skills, relationship skills, and genes?

He decided to kill sex partners of his father's--ones he remembered from the time of Daddy's breakup with Chaz.

After a bit, we picked up our coffee cups and drifted off, leaving the two lovers, or at least sex partners, alone.

I was thinking that sex on Aurora is broadly interpreted and that robots as sex partners are tolerated even now, with robots who are only approximately humaniform.

She'd been hell since she hit puberty, totally out of control, burning her brain out with guided current and psychoactives of all sorts, reprogramming her personality every few days, growing or building illegal sex partners for herself, screwing up any family business she could get at, bringing assorted street-sleaze into the family compound, and all the rest.