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sex education

n. Education about human sexual anatomy, reproduction, and intercourse and other human sexual behavior.

Sex education

Sex education is instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, including emotional relations and responsibilities, human sexual anatomy, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, age of consent, reproductive health, reproductive rights, safe sex, birth control and sexual abstinence. Sex education that covers all of these aspects is known as comprehensive sex education. Common avenues for sex education are parents or caregivers, formal school programs, and public health campaigns.

Traditionally, adolescents in many cultures were not given any information on sexual matters, with the discussion of these issues being considered taboo. Such instruction, as was given, was traditionally left to a child's parents, and often this was put off until just before a child's marriage. The progressive education movement of the late 19th century, however, led to the introduction of " social hygiene" in North American school curricula and the advent of school-based sex education. Despite early inroads of school-based sex education, most of the information on sexual matters in the mid-20th century was obtained informally from friends and the media, and much of this information was deficient or of dubious value, especially during the period following puberty, when curiosity about sexual matters was the most acute. This deficiency was heightened by the increasing incidence of teenage pregnancies, particularly in Western countries after the 1960s. As part of each country's efforts to reduce such pregnancies, programs of sex education were introduced, initially over strong opposition from parent and religious groups.

The outbreak of AIDS has given a new sense of urgency to sex education. In many African countries, where AIDS is at epidemic levels (see HIV/AIDS in Africa), sex education is seen by most scientists as a vital public health strategy. Some international organizations such as Planned Parenthood consider that broad sex education programs have global benefits, such as controlling the risk of overpopulation and the advancement of women's rights (see also reproductive rights). The use of mass media campaigns has sometimes resulted in high levels of "awareness" coupled with essentially superficial knowledge of HIV transmission.

According to SIECUS, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, 93% of adults they surveyed support sexuality education in high school and 84% support it in junior high school. In fact, 88% of parents of junior high school students and 80% of parents of secondary school students believe that sex education in school makes it easier for them to talk to their adolescents about sex. Also, 92% of adolescents report that they want both to talk to their parents about sex and to have comprehensive in-school sex education. Furthermore, a ", conducted by Mathematica Policy Research on behalf of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, found that abstinence-only-until-marriage programs are ineffective."

Sex Education (book)

Sex Education is a 1995 book by the American author Jenny Davis. It was written for readers in grades 9-12 and tells the story of two teens who, working together on a term project for their sex education class, are instructed to care for someone else for the semester. They choose a lonely, pregnant neighbor, a task that proves more difficult than they anticipated.

The book has been the subject of many legal challenges, according to the American Library Association.

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Sex Education (Parks and Recreation)

"Sex Education" is the fourth episode of the fifth season of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation, and the 72nd overall episode of the series. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on October 18, 2012.

In the episode, Leslie ( Amy Poehler) fights against Pawnee's abstinence-only sex education platform, Tom ( Aziz Ansari) struggles to live without technology, and Ben ( Adam Scott) and April ( Aubrey Plaza) finally meet the Congressman they are working for.

Usage examples of "sex education".

Right now, in many of the nation's public schools, there are sex education classes that get right to the heart of the matter.

So I started in on her sex education, being aware of the strong correlation between good cooking and a high libido.

Students earmarked for LC status or what they called 'partnerships' got their advanced sex education.

In her sex education, where she had been taught to gain strength from intercourse rather than lose herself in it, her teachers had emphasized analysis and historical comparisons, of which there were many in a Reverend Mother's Other Memories.

Sidney told me, scowling in the direction of the Senior Inspector, 'has asked me, in addition to creative and visual arts and all the other multifarious jobs I have to do, to be responsible for sex education, drugs awareness and anti-bullying.

If at the age of fifteen they're not getting all the nooky they want, they'll be assigned a female sex instructress who'll take over their sex education and fill their normal requirements.

I've since wondered if I'd have known what to do without the memory of those dramatic scenes and sex education classes eight or nine decades before.