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sewing room

n. A room in a home set aside for sewing.

sewing room

n. a room set aside for sewing

Usage examples of "sewing room".

It was less than a minute before Liesel ushered Sarah into Delia Higgins' sewing room where the original Singer sewing machine was shoved into a corner.

There was all the old clothing, quite a bit in the sewing room, and still more in a storage container.

Now she relaxed in a chair in the sewing room, with the volume up high on the radio as she strung the beads she’.

When I got home, Ramon and my brothers were there, Del and Paco watching television, Ramon in the sewing room where he’.

She was allowed to go from her dormitory to the kitchen, to the dining hall, to the bathing room or toilet, to the sewing room.

The sunny sewing room of Catherine's childhood flashed so welcome in her mind.

His eyes were drawn to the narrow hallway that led back to Myrt's sewing room.