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sewing kit

n. a kit of articles used in sewing

Usage examples of "sewing kit".

Inside were cosmetics, medicines, toiletries, a sewing kit, an office kit, magazines, a nightgown, airline nut packages, felt-tip pens, and there was no telling what was in the very bottom.

She struggled to figure out the odd implements in the sewing kit: dangerous thin sharp bits of metal that had no place around small children, reels of fine thread, scissors, a long tape marked off in sections that corresponded to no measuring system she knew, a short metal stripalso marked in sectionswith a sliding part.

In the bathroom, a little basket of paper-wrapped soaps, tubes of shampoo and lotion, a little sewing kit, the favors you get at a good motel.

Patty had six of Stan's shirts, two of her blouses, her sewing kit, and her odd-button box.

She went to her travel packs to get her sewing kit and saw one of the special packages she had brought with her.

A compass, a Bible, a small, much-worn booklet on navigation, a sewing kit.

She had rolled up the bottoms of the chaps and fixed them in place with large safety pins that she'd found in a sewing kit in the laundry room.